Singing In The Dark
Singing In The Dark

Singing In The Dark

Psalms 77:6 “I call to remembrance my song in the night: I commune with mine own heart: and my spirit made diligent search. “

Some of the most beautiful singing canarias in the world have come from the Harz Mountain in Germany. During World 1, it became impossible to obtain these little barblers. So a dealer in New York came up with the idea of training the American finch to sing just like the European canaries. He had the songs of the famous European birds recorded and mailed to his home.

When they arrived, he played them over and over each day in the room where he kept his own canarias. At first his efforts had very little success. Then one day he made a shocking discovery. He found that if he covered their cages and completely shut out the light,his American birds soon learned to warble like those on the recording.

Similarly, we as Christians learn to sing God’s praises sweeter mostly during our darkest days and nights ,when our way is dark and we cannot see or know what lies ahead. God shuts us away from the things of this world so that we will appreciate more fully the blessings and happiness He provides for us. When we are restricted by life experiences of blackness and despair, we are more inclined to pay more attention to His voice than when we are singing in the rain,basking in sunshine,bright days and nights,we tend to get distracted, yes we do.

We can be thankful we don’t have to compose our own songs of comfort for the melody is furnished by God our Maker, “who giveth songs in the nights.” ( Job 35:10) Thank God for being such a good Father to us.

Many believers and unbelievers who have gone through hours of gloom darkness and distress can testify or attest to singing in dark times gives hope, builds personal inner strength to go through, sets our spirit free,peace,light and comfort.Then we are able to inspire and motivate others.

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    There are times when we cannot speak or cry, but when have a song that can pick us up. When Paul and Silas lay in prison, bloodied and beaten and chain. They didn’t let their circumstance kept them from worshipping God in song. All that could be heard by the other prisoners was Paul and Silas singing in their cell (Acts 16:25).Even Jesus song the hymns while he waited for his betrayal (Matthew 26:30). As believers we don’t only sing when all is well, but also when darkness makes the sun seem burnt out.

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