When it Hits. You Feel no Pain.
When it Hits. You Feel no Pain.

When it Hits. You Feel no Pain.

What is your favorite genre of music?

“One Good Thing about Music when it Hits You. You Feel No Pain” -Bob Marley

“Music is the Universal Language of Mankind”- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

None,all favorites in their special roles.Choosing would be difficult.I agree with quotes by the artist and author, music comforts pain and mankind’s universal language. Unites heart soul mind body together. Music is an art formed in sounds in time with various instrumnts .It connects with my inner self, helps mindfulness, its has so much power to change situations, it uplifts,its relates to any culture.

Music is an art of sound and timing that express self, emotions, ideas, thoughts ,rhythm melody. Music brings heart soul mind body together. It is part of everyone’s life,it unifies,one of the greatest advocate culturally and politically. Music unifies,it does not discriminate. Once it gets in the heart soul mind spirit the body feels no pain . Music is divine it mends and heals inwardly.

Music is in nature created by birds chirping, trees their leaves,the sea,ocean sounds of the waves,Music can be created out of anything. It’s in harmony with humanity and planet.

Music has no language barriers it breaks in reaches deep into the soul, spirit touching areas where words have failed,mends brokenheart heals wounded spirit, motivates , inspires,ignites passion,how quickly music takes us down memory lane .It is therapy.

1 Samuel 16:24-23: states that music has the power to relieve spiritual and physical suffering , Saul had an evil spirit that would come upon him but David would play music and the evil spirit would leave Saul.Thats therapy.

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