A great Captor.
A great Captor.

A great Captor.

What makes a teacher great?

A great teacher possesses many great qualities that make them awesome and exceptional in their role. We all know who and what a captor is and does, so metaphorically applied to describe a great teacher means A Captor of Minds, a teacher who captures and hold the attention of their students,making learning an unforgettable and life changing experience.

Teaching is a necessary tool in the forming of children and adults mind. A great teacher is like a Sculptor of the minds,carefully chiseling away at ignorance (mind void of knowledge) to reveal the masterpiece that lies within.

A great teacher has the ability to capture the attention of even the most disinterested student getting them into a deep sense of engaging and an educational experience. Soon these students become captors of knowledge and practical skills

A great teacher goes beyond with their subject matters to ignite curiosity and fueling a love for learning. Making students love what they are taught,great teacher believes in and love what they teach. They value hearing and being heard. They teach with enthusiasm, charisma excitement ,care,inspiration and motivation.

Great reader makes a great teacher who captures the minds with their knowledge expertise, deep understanding of what they teach,up to date with developments and research in their field.They are able to dive deep into subject matters, breaking down,using illustrations that can be easily understood.

Extraordinary ability to connect with each student individually recognizing their strengths weakness ,challenges, and learning styles.Fosters positive and inclusive classroom setting,make students feel valued, supported and encouraged to take challenges .They instill self-confidence self-worth,self-achievment confidence ,academic and moral standards

Excellent communication skills ,written and orally. Patience,tolerance,empathy, compassion understanding and a good listener. The long and short of a great teacher, one who goes above and beyond to captor the mind and attention to impart knowledge with inspiration, motivation and nuturing a learning environment where students feel valued,supported, challenged and motivated to succeed .

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  1. Debbie

    This is a very realistic topic. When you look at today’s classrooms, the only thing capturing the children’s mind and attention is smart gadgets. Even teachers depends on it to keep the students engage in the class room. Teachers don’t make the effort to capture their students mind and that is why parents need to be teachers to their children.

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