It’s a Morning Thing.
It’s a Morning Thing.

It’s a Morning Thing.

Are there things you try to practice daily to live a more sustainable lifestyle?

In the pursuit of a well balanced lifestyle it is very important to incorporate some daily good practices that sustains the body mind and spirit. Physical, mental and emotional well-being. Well for me God ,family and friends know that I fall short in keeping steadfast in some of these practices but never the less,I continue in pursuit of a balance well-being lifestyle

Physical I should do more walks and exercises. Exercise does boost energy level and mood,its just good for overall wellness.I will get on the trails this summer. When it comes to nutrition I do practice healthy eating habits one being organic vegetables,fruits,grains,non-farmed fish ,free range poultry. A non smoker, no alcoholic beverages,no sodas. But and there is But, my weakness, ????CHOCOLATE !almost forget?? CHEESE CAKE.! Can’t resist these two !but I go practice moderation at time.

Pretty much I would say that my self-care practices,helps me to live a sustainable lifestyle. I am a believer in first things first, the things done in mornings are very important. I am very grateful to wake up with a sound and right mind .After my thanks giving prayers, 16ozs.water,deep breathing ,it’s very important to start my mornings off in a right mindset with prayers,Bible reading,even one two verses and meditation. These practices helps to cultivate a calm,focus and positive note.These are important for me to face what lies ahead beginning with traffic roads or highways and daily office routine. There are no ifs nor buts that the practices of prayer,reading meditation,deep breathing and keeping the aisles of my mind clear of negativity sustains my well-being. Without shadow of doubt.I know they have been helpful to me


  1. Debbie

    Truly there are times when neglect some morning routines,but seeking direction in prayer to our Lord is a must. Even if it’s a hi and bye. Neglecting to do so can change ones plan for the day. Even if it’s not praying, some people who fail in there daily routine can cause a major impact on their day.

    1. I am still trying to come up with a good morning routine so I can wake up fresh and be productive. Starting the day off with remembering God and reading from the scripture (for me it’s Qur’an) it really makes you feel motivated knowing that whatever happens throughout the day is not in your hands, this makes the difficult days easier.

      Also I love choc! Can’t resist 🙂

      1. Lol! I have read the Quran once 2 of my staff gave me and I took it .The first one gave me because I was fasting for 1 month and she was surprised that Christian fast.
        Then another Muslim did not know I had a Quran went on Vacation in his country and brought me back one.Its similar to the bible.So you should continue to pray and read even verse per day.
        There is Only one God regardless of What name a person call .I am happy that you believe in Allah as God.I feel good to hear your words about God!.Please keep in touch. God is great and yes we are all in His Mighty Hands.

      2. Loll that’s so funny. That’s nice to know! I do know Christians have certain days where they fast but I didn’t know for a whole month. That’s cool, we got even more similarities.

        Yeah I do pray it during the day but I’m not that consistent with it in the morning.

        Thanks, I’m happy to hear you also believe in one God and you keep your faith in it.

        I would love to stay in touch.

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