An individual’s walk with God is not determined by a person’s past life or the unbelievers surrounding him or her,but by his or her personal desire to know God and live for Him. In the book of Joshua Old Testament, we are introduced to one of the most thought-provoking and astonishing female heroines, Rahab the harlot of the Canaanite city of Jericho. Ultimately she became a renowned for her great faith and part of the lineage of Jesus Christ. But looking back deeply into Rahab’s life a Gentile of ill reputation,one would say,but to us she is a good example that God is not interested in the past or background of people. God saw that Rahab believed in the God of Israel, the two spies were Israelites who came in town and she helped them.( Hebrew 11:31) : “By faith the harlot Rahab perished not,with them that believed not,when she had received the spies with peace.”

Moses sent twelve spies to Canaan. Because ten of the spies persuaded the people of Israel that they were not able to conquer the walled cities or to defeat the giants in the land,the people wandered in the wilderness until adults grew old and died. However, the miraculous stories of God’s power among the Israelites spread among the people who lived in Canaan. Joshua who was now the leader of Israel and Caleb were the two faithful spies and the only two adults of their generation still alive. Instead of twelve men Joshua chose only two men to go on this secret mission to find out military information about Jericho .It was more than chance that directed the two spies to Rahab for lodging. But others noticed that the two men were Israelites spies and the news spread quickly, like a wild fire until the king heard that two Israelite spies are at Rahab’s house.

The king sent word for Rahab to bring the two spies out of her house where they had taken rooms . Instead of obeying the king’s orders. Rahab hid the men on the top of the roof of the house and covered them with stalks of flax. She then sent word to the king that the two men had departed from her house without indicating where they were going.

After having shielded the two spies from the king ,Rahab made a request of the two spies. The spies responded, ” Our life for yours, if ye utter not this business.” This was a life and death matter for both Rahab and the spies. She was promised safety for her and her household provided they would abide by the instructions of the spies. Although Rahab and her family were dependent upon the grace of God for their safety, yet their faith response included their obedience to the words of the spies. The Word of God promises us many things, including eternal life, if we obey the Word. Blessings are promised even to those who are kind to God’s people.

Rahab found a clever way to get those two spies out of her house and to safety. She hung a Scarlet Cord through her window on the city wall and let the spies down the wall. But before they left, they told her that she would be spared only if the Scarlet Cord used in theirs escape was fastened to the window in her house in full view of Israel. It was a small task to do ,but it was essential for the survival of Rahab and her family.

The destiny of Rahab is a remarkable story within itself. She later became the wife of Salmon,who is mentioned in ( St.Mathew 1:5) as being in the lineage of Jesus Christ. She was the mother of Boaz, a prominent figure of Jewish and Bible history. Her testimony of great faith is inscribed in the Bible: “For the Lord your God He is God in heaven above ,and in earth beneath. “( Joshua 2:11)

On becoming the mother Boaz,she became a link in the royal bloodline that ran through her home. How fitting that the Scarlet Cord hung from her window was a type or symbol of the bloodline of Jesse,David and Jesus Christ. Incredibly, we must ask , ” How can it be that from her background she could trust herself right into the lineage of Jesus Christ. “The answer “Only by grace through faith.”

Rahab is our example when it comes to believing God. She could not have known at her first encounter with the spies from Israel that she would go down in that nation’s history as a member of the bloodline that would produce Jesus Christ. Yet by faith in God and His power, she helped two Israelite spies. Rahab is listed among the Heroes of Faith in (Hebrews 11:17-32)

As Rahab through faith found herself in God’s hall of fame,so we can by our faith response insure that our name appears in the Lamb’s book of life, Faith is inseparable from obedience, and obedient faith commands the attention and favor of God.

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