Guilt and Regret.
Guilt and Regret.

Guilt and Regret.

Procrastination, I have been found guilty many times,putting off important tasks, things and responsibilities in favor of less important or more enjoyable activities which leads to wasted time. It involves engaging in activities that provides immediate gratification but does not contribute to long-term goals.At the last minute tasks are done under much duress, stress,guilt,not to mention regret looking back at all the time wasted. As to touching the last minute pressure I take as one of my strength “working well under pressure “.Self-comfort.⁸

Procrastination is not only a major waste of valuable time, its a steeler of time,missed opportunities and unfulfilled goals.It leads to tasks and or activities that provides immediate gratification but they are delaying tactics . Procrastination is a common human tendency that affects people of various walks of life, doesn’t discriminate .It is the act of delay tactics or postponing tasks that needs to be completed in timely manner.It starts out in some cases by opting for own gratification or avoiding something that’s difficult to start and or complete.

It is a temporary release and delay that leads to added stress,productivity is affected, great opportunities are missed.Then comes discomfort, frustration,GUILT and REGRET. Procrastination tactics is the avoiding of challenging tasks in fear of failure, fear of not meeting higher standards, fear making mistakes, important tasks are left for last minute. However like any other human flaws procrastination requires two major components. Drum roll………Surprise Surprise!

Self -awareness and strategies! these are keys,which I find that helps me to overcome procrastination,(better but not cured) ,dividing tasks into smaller and manageable parts,that way tasks seem less challenging to begin, set realistic goal,schedules. Prioritizing helps me to focus stay on track and stay organized. Self-doubt must be recognized and challenged: anxiety, negative thoughts associated with the start and or the completion of tasks have to be reduce.

Self-discipline and maintaining motivation have to be developed. Making myself account,seeking accountable from others,self-rewarding myself whenever tasks are started and completed in timely manner,without burning extra brain cells .I find self-discipline effective,keeps me on track in my career. Practicing some good habits such as time management, try maintaining a balance lifestyle, positive mind-set I find as great contributors.

Conclusion: Procrastination is a steeler of time , of great missed opportunities, missed goals fame and fortune.Its negative time consuming, wasting of our time, putting of what must done now in some cases. Where there is a problem somewhere in the shadows there is a solution .Let’s take look Self-awareness and Strategies in managing procrastination, one has to recognize the reasons behind the delay tactics, postponing, not prioritizing, last minute handling of tasks and decision making.

Self-discipline ,break tasks into manageable parts set realistic goals,make structured steps for own personal schedules and deadlines .Reward self whenever progress is made. Prioritize tasks,stay focus on the big picture. Embrace a positive mindset but challenge negative thoughts and take smaller consistent actions towards meeting your goals. Remember tackling and overcoming procrastination is within our reach to conquer. Blessings.

How do you waste the most time every day?

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