First things First.
First things First.

First things First.

How do you practice self-care?

First thing on seeing the light of another day, I give God thanks,have my two glasses of water room temperature and deep breathing thirty minutes minimum three to four times daily. I try taking care of myself with healthy eating habits and lifestyle. My priorities are my personal, mental and emotional health. I set boundaries and practice self-compassion, kind and loving to ME, this reduces daily stress level by far for me. Self-awareness,try to be in tune with my own thoughts, emotions, a positive mind-set. I try not to loose the caring of my brain.


    1. Mike thanks for stopping by and asking your question ,much appreciated.

      Diaphramic aka Belly breathing,involves the lower lungs and increases oxygen level.
      It’s brisk inhaling in ,exhaling out.

      Box breathing, involves the beholding of the breath by inhaling slowly,holding then exhaling with a bit of engery (pushing stale air out) repeat again with equal holding counts doing,cycles of four ,good for starting.Have a good day.

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