Without Controversy.
Without Controversy.

Without Controversy.

Jesus Christ is my number one among my,( “favorite historical) . Jesus Christ became my substitute He went all the way to calvary paying the ultimate price with His life to set me free. HE was NOT guilty. I was guilty by inheritance, Adam sinned.

Jesus Christ, the only begotten of God and second in the Trinity,historical in all aspects of the meaning of a historical person,(Divine and Human)He is a conquerer, warrior ,peace maker, healer,comforter,miracle worker, deliverer, people person, sufferer. He identified with the issues of people. Jesus as human experienced the full panorama of human difficulties, trials,accused,temptations,betrayed ,persecutions,but inspite of all. He was victorious an example for us .

The Bible says in St John:3:16: kjv: “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life” Such love! How can I resist such love .He is my greatest hero and Saviour. He has impacted my life significantly.

Adam incurred debt (when he sinned) that was passed down from generation(included my generation) Jesus took on the responsibility to clear this huge debts once for all blood being the legal tender or currency as the method of payment.

Without controversy,the Jesus Christ is my favorite historical figure . He lived an extraordinary life,He did good everywhere He went and did the ultimate that NO other human as done. He was crucified ,suffered bled and died to set humanity free ,paid a ransom.Became my substitute .He was sinless. Adam should have died instead.

Jesus Christ,fully Divine and Human Paid the debts on full One and For All He became the Passover Lamb Once and for All . Again my thoughts. Blessings!

Who is your favorite historical figure?

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