Encouragement To Single Parents: give yourselves, a PLUS (a pat on the back)
Encouragement To Single Parents: give yourselves, a PLUS (a pat on the back)

Encouragement To Single Parents: give yourselves, a PLUS (a pat on the back)

Note: We all exhibit different characteristics: We don’t look alike. We don’t act alike. We have different tastes in food ,music,religion and even the books we read. We are from different background, goals and motivations,weights and heights vary

“But ,there is one thing we all have in common; we all know what it is like to be hurt ” Hurt is a universal language , tears are the same for all of us.So is being a Single Parent no matter you religious background.

Single Parents I encourage you, let’s get out of this fantasy world and get real.Lets make every effort to overcome ,forgive,pray and move forward in reality. God will not come in flesh to answer your prayers. You have to pray,hope and trust God.As christian Single Parents or whatever your faith is.You have to do some works on your journey of parenting. You are the sole provider now and that’s real.Praying and trusting alone cannot cut it .The Holy book says,Faith without works is dead.. in other words…non productive.

Being a Single Parents is not easy but being a person of Faith helps as God is our refuge and strength. At times it will seems as if we cannot make it but if we continue to serve God and remain faithful to Him,I believe that He will in turn enjoy helping us through.Lets remember He is”Our Father” and a good Father.

Our children, husbands or wives are sometimes our hurdles, but we must recognize how to get over and stay the course. As Single Parents,we will get down when the pressures are upon us ,we can be down but not out.We must learn to do a lot of kneedrill (praying), God understands our tears. He sees the tears of our broken hearts and souls. Hears everyone of them when they fall. He stores them in a bucket. So, no matter how much we were hurt or hurting, God feels the hurt with us. He is our wound healer,our sorrow soother,and most of all,He is our Lord and King. He comforts us when we are sad,lonely, troubled , He listens to all our complaints.

He sees our tear stained pillows;He understands our feelings;He is at our bedside at nights when we cannot sleep. He is with us all the time, watching and protecting us. He understands all our heartaches, for when He was on earth He also had heartaches because He was not just Divine ,He was also Human.

Parenting isn’t for cowards ,for cowards runs away when the going gets tough. Single Parents ,remember this,He is the Father to the fatherless, a Mother to the motherless ,a Wife , a Husband ,a Friend or whoever you want God to be ,He can be that individual. He is a good God and our Father.

Single Parents give yourselves a PLUS(a pat on the back) for not everybody can cope with what us Single Parents are now coping with. We have to be the father and mother to our precious children. Let’s love our children ,nurture them and try to be the best Single Parents. Blessings.

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